The Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, AZ

There are some places so spectacular in the world that words do not do it justice. I’ve heard of such places, but since I am a writer by nature, I didn’t think there was any description I couldn’t tackle.

Until we went to Sedona.

This is truly a place where a picture is worth a thousand words, and even then, they hardly do it justice:



Sedona is a place that needs to be experienced to fully appreciate.

The town is tucked in between these towering, looming, impressive rock formations that are a color I have never seen rocks be. Their presence is felt everywhere in Sedona. They remind you how small humans actually are.

You can feel the quiet energy echoing between the church-like spires, and it makes sense why it draws the spiritually… umm… (okay, I’ll say it. The HIPPIES… I tried to keep this a somber post, but how the heck does one poetically describe eccentric baby-boomers who believe in “energy retreats” and the healing power of crystals and who retire in Sedona to sell art?)

Something that was on my Catholic bucket list was to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is in Sedona. It’s a Catholic chapel and architectural landmark that was built into the iconic red rocks in the 1950’s.DSCF2379



Prayer candles.


My beautiful stepdaughter on the path up to the chapel.


View from the courtyard in front of the chapel.


A tree growing from the red rocks, and coins tossed next to it from devoted visitors.

This place is beautiful and absolutely worth a trip if you ever find yourself wandering the Southwestern desert.





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